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Robert Holliday is a composer/performer residing in Los Angeles, California. Often employing the techniques and processes of composers such as Pauline Oliveros, Jani Christou, John Cage and Steve Reich, he approaches ambient and contemporary experimental music with a personal blend of process oriented composition and free improvisation. Influenced by Jungian psychology, Zen and Deep Listening, he is interested as much in self-reflective inquiry and community building experiences as he is in performing and recording. Recently, Robert has been collaborating with experimental video artists Sphere Above the Realm, poet Sam Neva and other musicians in the Los Angeles area, including Sepand Shahab and his collaborative project with guitarist Garrick Hogg Menotme.

Robert is also a music educator who has taught music theory, piano, improvisation and composition. He was formerly a faculty member of California Institute of the Arts and California College of Music and is an MFA graduate of California Institute of the Arts since 2010. 

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